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We don’t just offer a wide range of painting services for homes and businesses, we also offer staining. Sometimes, paint isn’t the best choice, and a great stain will highlight the beauty and natural aesthetic of wood better than covering it up with paint. 

If you’re ever renovating your home and you pull up an ugly old carpet to reveal a hardwood floor, it’s like finding buried treasure, but oftentimes, that floor will need a good sanding followed by a meticulous staining. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to have a hardwood floor, there are plenty of other parts of a home that could benefit from a good staining, including kitchen cabinets, wooden stairs, and various other trims and finishes around the home. And that’s just on the inside, let’s talk about outside the home, too.

Staining Decks and Porches

If you have a wooden deck or porch at your home, a wood stain will look a lot nicer than paint. For a deck, stains work great because paint will eventually start to chip off, especially in higher-traffic areas.

For outdoor staining, it’s important to use weather-resistant stains and to seal them correctly in order to protect the color and to protect the wood. Between rain, snow in certain regions, and sunshine – nature will put the finish through the ringer, but using high-quality stains and sealing them will help protect them for a long time.

Staining Hardwood Floors

This is one of the most common requests, because there’s just nothing like a beautifully stained and sealed wood floor in the home. The illustrious shine is a showstopper, and you’ll get compliments on it non-stop. It’s just impossible to ignore a great hardwood floor, it’s almost like it commands respect and attention.

Staining can bring older wooden floors back to life, or can ensure that new ones will stay looking shiny and brilliant for many years to come.

Ideas for Staining and Wood Finishing

There are many other parts of the home that can be stained, and will result in beautiful wood finishing. These include things like…


Handrails and the stairs themselves can match by using the same stain on them, or you can go for a contrast in colors, instead. You could stain the steps and paint the railings, or vice versa, but having both done with matching stains is a great look.

Kitchen Cabinets

Staining your kitchen cabinets is a perfect way to achieve a natural, rustic look that brilliantly complements a warm kitchen and natural light.


If you have wooden doors in your home, they are another great candidate for wood finishing.

Window Sills

Your window sills and the trim around your windows, both on the inside and the exterior of the home, are prime candidates for a great stain and seal.

Types of Stains and Exploring Your Options

Choosing the correct type of stain is very important. If you hire us for your staining job, we’ll ensure that we’re always using the correct type of stain, and that we’re able to match the exact tone you’re looking for. Having experience with staining is important because if things aren’t done correctly, you can end up with uneven coloring, stain that doesn’t absorb into the wood correctly, and patches that aren’t filled in correctly. Here are some of the different types of stains to choose from…

Oil-Based Stains

Oil stains do a great job of seeping into the wood without causing the grain to raise.

Water-Based Stains

Water stains are more environmentally friendly, and they will often go on more evenly, so they can be useful for maintaining uniformity over larger surfaces.

Gel-Based Stains

Gel stains are thicker than oil or water based stains. It gives you better control of the color.

What’s The Next Step?

If you have wood in your home that needs finishing, reach out to us to discuss our staining services. We can offer you a professional estimate with no pressure or obligations, we’re happy to offer our advice and guidance to put you on the right track and to make sure that you understand the whole process, what’s involved, and what to expect with interior or exterior staining at your home or business.