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In addition to painting and the other services we offer, we pride ourselves in offering the best pressure washing service is Delaware. Our clients trust us to keep their properties clean, tidy, and looking great. We offer hot and cold pressure washing, and we’ll help you determine exactly which service is the best fit for the job.

What is Hot Pressure Washing?

Hot pressure washing uses hot water along with pressure and it’s great for getting rid of grease and oil stains. If your garage floor has persistent oil and grease stains that you can’t get rid of, or if they’re on your driveway, or anywhere else, hot water pressure washing is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Imagine trying to clean a greasy pan in your kitchen using cold water. That experience will give you a good idea what it’s like to try to pressure wash away grease and oil with cold water, it’s just not as effective. A hot water pressure washer is usually larger than a cold water unit. Most of the at-home pressure washers you’ll find will be cold water models, they’re great for certain things, but simply not good enough for other things. A hot pressure washer is a professional tool, and it’s not something you’ll need to use all that often, so it makes a lot more sense to hire a company like us to take care of this for you as needed.

The pressure combined with the hot water offers all the cleaning power you need for the toughest jobs. If you were to purchase your own hot water pressure washer, it could cost up to 4x as much as a standard cold unit, and that’s just for a consumer-tier pressure washer before even talking about the professional, heavy-duty units that we use.

They’re also costlier to run, since the water needs to be heated. A cold pressure water simply takes the water from a regular garden hose, and sprays it out at a much faster velocity. A hot pressure washer needs to continually heat the water as it passes through, using a very powerful and strong heating unit that’s built in, which is why the size is larger. 

What is Cold Pressure Washing?

A cold pressure washer is the standard, it’s usually what people are talking about when they refer to pressure washing. It’s a smaller unit, it’s more affordable (Although our heavy-duty units are much better than what most consumers would purchase for themselves, we use professional-grade equipment for the best performance,.) 

Since a cold pressure washer doesn’t need to continually heat up water, they’re lighter and easier to transport, since they don’t have powerful heating units inside of them. They take the water from the hose, and they add pressure to give it extra cleaning power.

But once again, think about the difference in how clean you feel when taking a cold shower vs a warm shower, or doing dishes in the sink with cold water vs hot water. Hot water helps break down grease and oil, but that’s not always necessary.

If you’re dealing with dirt and debris, mud, stains, and the effects of weather over time – a cold pressure washing will get the job done perfectly, and hot water won’t be necessary. Of course, we’re happy to take a look at things to advise you on exactly what’s needed to get your home or commercial space all cleaned up and looking great again.

What’s The Next Step?

Give us a call to reach out and tell us about what you need to have cleaned. Maybe you’ve got some paint that’s flaking off and you want to power-wash it away, or your wooden garage needs a good cleaning before you stain or paint it? We can have your deck or patio looking brand new, or make your driveway look as clean as the day the concrete was first poured. 

Contact us to learn about our services, and how we can help you. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and showing you why we’re the most reputable power washing company in Delaware, serving customers state-wide.